03 april 2012

iPhone app update -- stuck in "Waiting"

Yesterday, the iPhone's App Store offered to update two of my apps, and as always I agreed to get them updated. However, the apps did not update, but instead got stuck with status "Waiting".

Nothing helped: rebooted the phone without result, removed the apps and tried to reinstall them from the App Store but also without result (even worse, the apps would not even reinstall but also got stuck in "Waiting"), logoff from the App Store and back on, moved from WiFi to 3G.

Nothing worked...

There are some excellent help pages out there, specifically on this subject, but all that is mentioned there did not work in my case. Until I found a page that I cannot find again now, but there was my solution: the App updates were waiting for a large podcast, that was keeping the apps from getting updated. After removing the podcast update, all the apps started updating like normal.

Maybe someone will run into the same issue, then this is your solution...

Regards, Rene

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