03 april 2012

iPhone app update -- stuck in "Waiting"

Yesterday, the iPhone's App Store offered to update two of my apps, and as always I agreed to get them updated. However, the apps did not update, but instead got stuck with status "Waiting".

Nothing helped: rebooted the phone without result, removed the apps and tried to reinstall them from the App Store but also without result (even worse, the apps would not even reinstall but also got stuck in "Waiting"), logoff from the App Store and back on, moved from WiFi to 3G.

Nothing worked...

There are some excellent help pages out there, specifically on this subject, but all that is mentioned there did not work in my case. Until I found a page that I cannot find again now, but there was my solution: the App updates were waiting for a large podcast, that was keeping the apps from getting updated. After removing the podcast update, all the apps started updating like normal.

Maybe someone will run into the same issue, then this is your solution...

Regards, Rene

08 maart 2012

Apple Mail - Force attachments to display as icons

Unlike Entourage and Outlook, Apple Mail follows its own guidelines for whether an attachment should display inline (as in, you see the entire attachment right in the message) or as an icon (as in, you have to double-click the attachment to view it). To toggle an attachment’s display method, right-click the attachment within your unsent message and choose View As Icon or View In Place. To force attachments to always display as icons, use this Terminal command:

defaults write com.apple.mail DisableInlineAttachmentViewing -bool yes

Used without permission, so here's the link back: http://www.maclife.com/article/howtos/10_ways_soup_apple_mail?page=0,1.

Regards, Rene

06 maart 2012

Time-based ACLs

Cool or what? Time-based ACLs on Cisco ASA.

Say, you would want to implement certain restrictions or access-lists that only should be valid during certain time windows (ie, allow guest access to internet only during business hours). This type of ACL along with the "time windows" feature will allow you to do exactly that... :-)

Regards, Rene

27 februari 2012

Apple Mail Signature Font Issue

Numerous posts and pages can be found about the annoying Apple Mail signature font size issue, but here's the page that I have used to fix mine. Excellent and simple explanation...

19 juli 2011

Cannot publish to Blogspot from IE9

Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted here. My previous post – yes, the one about formatting large disks for FAT32 – was the first post in ages. At least, the first post in the IE9-age. I soon discovered that I was not even able to publish from IE9… Sad smile

Pressing F12 to enable developer mode and then switching back to IE9 Compatibility View delivered the workaround for the short term. I can publish now. Anyone a clue about the real resolution for this problem? (And, no, I am not interested in tips like “use Chrome or Firefox”…)

As soon as I have the fix, I’ll post it here.

Regards, Rene

Update: been googling for this issue and there are so many people with this same problem, telling and blogging about this, even with recent post timestamps!; from what I read, it seems that this issue is the result of a fight two giants and it will not soon be fixed. So, please take my last line above exactly as I say it: "as soon as I have the fix, I'll post it"... And I think the fix will not soon be found.

18 juli 2011

Testing Blogsy for iPad

Earlier today, I was complaining about not being able to publish to Blogger from IE9. One minute later, I said to myself: who wants to publish from IE9 anyway? Much easier to use a (blog) writing tool, as there are many out there.

On my Windows 7 notebook, I am using Windows Live Writer, and I must say that it's a pretty fine tool to use. For the iPad, I've been googling a bit and finally came up with Blogsy. This is my first post on iPad at all and this one is made with Blogsy. First impression is real good, I must say. It's really optimized for iPad with lots of neat iPad-related features. But, now that iPad operates quite different from a Windows-machine, I now have to spend some time to learn how to do some "normal" things in Blogsy (like, linking to other pages, for instance... :-))

Till next time, regards, Rene

14 juli 2011

Format large disks for FAT32

The long-story-short: for formatting large disks for the FAT32 file system, use Fat32Format from this place.

The long-story-long:

This week, I bought an AirPort Extreme Basestation (which up till now is a bit of a disappointment, I must say) and one of the goals was: to connect a large USB disk to the AirPort and then share this disk for the Verhagen's Home Environment.

After connecting the disk to the AirPort, it gets recognized immediately by the AirPort and the option for sharing the disk is offered. However, in my Windows 7 notebook, the disk does not show up in the network environment. After consulting the log in the AirPort, it turns out that the disk does not show up because the file system on this large disk is NTFS (of course). However, NTFS is not supported on the AirPort, we need to change it to FAT32.

After googling a bit on how to format a (large) disk for FAT32, I ended up on the Softpedia-page that the upper link points to. Great tool, formatted 750GB in under one minute... Great!