19 juli 2011

Cannot publish to Blogspot from IE9

Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted here. My previous post – yes, the one about formatting large disks for FAT32 – was the first post in ages. At least, the first post in the IE9-age. I soon discovered that I was not even able to publish from IE9… Sad smile

Pressing F12 to enable developer mode and then switching back to IE9 Compatibility View delivered the workaround for the short term. I can publish now. Anyone a clue about the real resolution for this problem? (And, no, I am not interested in tips like “use Chrome or Firefox”…)

As soon as I have the fix, I’ll post it here.

Regards, Rene

Update: been googling for this issue and there are so many people with this same problem, telling and blogging about this, even with recent post timestamps!; from what I read, it seems that this issue is the result of a fight two giants and it will not soon be fixed. So, please take my last line above exactly as I say it: "as soon as I have the fix, I'll post it"... And I think the fix will not soon be found.

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