18 juli 2011

Testing Blogsy for iPad

Earlier today, I was complaining about not being able to publish to Blogger from IE9. One minute later, I said to myself: who wants to publish from IE9 anyway? Much easier to use a (blog) writing tool, as there are many out there.

On my Windows 7 notebook, I am using Windows Live Writer, and I must say that it's a pretty fine tool to use. For the iPad, I've been googling a bit and finally came up with Blogsy. This is my first post on iPad at all and this one is made with Blogsy. First impression is real good, I must say. It's really optimized for iPad with lots of neat iPad-related features. But, now that iPad operates quite different from a Windows-machine, I now have to spend some time to learn how to do some "normal" things in Blogsy (like, linking to other pages, for instance... :-))

Till next time, regards, Rene

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