03 juni 2008

Tools - Uptime.exe

From Microsoft's Knowledge Base, article number 232243:


A new tool, Uptime.exe, is available for displaying system availability. Uptime.exe can be used to display the current uptime of the local or remote system. Optionally, it can also scan the Event log for key system events such as system restart or computers that are not responding (hanging). Where possible, it also calculates system availability. It is primarily intended for Windows NT Server 4.0 Service Pack 4 or later, though it operates in limited fashion on earlier versions.


Uptime.exe is a standalone program. To install the tool, simply copy the file into your Windows NT directory. You may then run the tool at a command prompt.

Despite the fact that this tool was originally written for WinNT4 SP4, it is still very handy! You can download it at the article page, mentioned at the top.

Regards, Rene

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