23 mei 2008

Laughing Matters - Annoying software...

Everyone knows all about it: annoying software. Annoying behaviour, irritating interface, updates three times a week, software that you just did not ask for... Read all about the joys of software we really do not need at http://reviews.zdnet.co.uk/software/0,1000001048,39419834,00.htm.

Especially brilliant is their quote on Norton Antivirus:

It's a little unfair to pick on Norton Antivirus and make it carry the sins of half the desktop malware industry — but only a little unfair. If ever a class of software deserved to be cast into the lower reaches of Hell and run on Satan's own desktop, it is this. Performance- sapping, space-hogging, noisy, irritating and prone to inducing just as many problems as they purport to solve, these horrible, ineffective, expensive lumps of digital thuggery keep entire platoons of support engineers in business and home users in tears. We know. We get the phone calls.

Also read the truth about Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and a lot of others...

Regards, Rene

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