17 april 2008

SSO for OWA 2007

Did some changes today to an existing Lotus Domino 6.x environment, in which user use iNotes (Domino Web Access) for accessing e-mail and calendar. This all worked fine, but as we are migrating from Domino/Notes to Exchange/Outlook, some modifications needed to be made to the web setup.

We used a WebSphere plug-in from IBM, to automatically authenticate Windows users to the Domino-environment. This is done by using a ISAPI filter from IBM, configured in an IIS-website, with which incoming requests on - say - port 80 in IIS are re-routed to - again, say - port 81 on the Domino webserver. The ISAPI filter passes the username from the Windows environment to the Domino server, and thus authenticates the user there. Requirement is that the fully-distinguished Windows username (DOMAIN\Username) is known in the Domino-environment. By adding this fully-distinguished Windows username to the user's Domino full name, all this got to work.

Very nice!

But, as I said, we're migrating from Domino to Exchange. And this means we're moving away from iNotes (Domino Web Access) to OWA (Outlook Web Access). Also for that, we would like to have some kind of Single Sign-on (SSO) for OWA. I did some quick googling for that, but cannot find something quickly.

So, does anyone know of a method of automatically authenticating Windows users to the web environment in Outlook Web Access? If so, let me know. (I told you how to do SSO to Domino, now tell me how to SSO to OWA :-) :-)).

Regards, Rene

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