05 oktober 2005

VMware job finished...

Although the physical-to-virtual conversion has been finished for a weeks and the server that I was converted is already running as a virtual server for the same amount of time, I recently saw that I had finished my report here (the log that I started somewhere in august...). Time to do that now!

Basically, it all went very quick starting from where we left off in the log from August 24. I stopped that report telling that we were restoring the image from the second drive in the VM to the first one. We had to use Ghost 8 for that, however, because the previous version just quit restoring the image somewhere along the way. After restoring the image, we were ready to start the server.

And it worked very well from the very first time! Although I do suspect that the Dutch saying "more luck than wisdom" goes here, I am extremely content with how easy this conversion went. It really is a matter of creating the image, creating the new VM and restoring the image to the VM. We were having some trouble of getting the image created and restored, having some trouble accessing the network using Bart's Network Boot Disk, but all that trouble was not directly related to the P2V that we were doing.

One reason that I think that our conversion was quite problem-free, was that we used IDE-disks in the VM. The source server already had IDE-drivers on board (for the CDROM), to after restoring the image to the VM and starting Windows, all the correct drivers were already available. Am I right in assuming this?

Currently, I am working on backing up this machine. I think the best and brightest way of having this machine backed up (in our situation) is to just install the BackupExec Remote Agent for Windows in the VM, but we do not have enough licenses for that. So for the moment, I am considering to just backup this machine using file backup. I have to automatically shutdown and restart the machine, but I do not think that will be much of a problem.

So, let me just finish this report by saying this was a very nice project to do, in which much knowledge was gained...

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