09 juni 2005

ShareWatch, by Steve Miller

ShareWatch allows you to see who is connected to a computer and what files they are accessing. Have you ever wondered why your hard drive or modem is active, but you aren't doing anything to cause it to be active? It is possible a remote user is accessing your computer. Have you ever had a file locked but you don't know why? ShareWatch can tell you if a network user is using the file and allows you to disconnect them so that you can edit/delete the file. Have you ever wanted to shutdown a computer, but don't want to drop people using the computer. ShareWatch will show you all resources in use by remote users.

More nifty tools by Steve Miller on his homepage at http://www.stevemiller.net/apps.
I found Steve's pages when looking for a tool that would allow me to assign a _global_ hotkey in Windows for using PasteSpecial. PasteSpecial is a very very handy option and depending on the application I use it a lot, but unfortunately it has no default hotkey assigned (like Ctrl+V for Paste (or PasteNormal). With Steve's PureText tool you can (I wish Steve had left the tray icon out, but that's a minor problem and I think I can put that on the wishlist).
There are also some handy tools in his Win32 Command Line Toolbox, such as "global": global performs a command on the current directory and all subdirectories below. Might come in handy some time...

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