30 juni 2005

How to open WINMAIL.DAT?

We all know that certain Outlook-versions tend to send a file WINMAIL.DAT along with the e-mail message, and that this DAT-file contains a formatted version of the e-mail itself. We also know that this is caused by a setting telling Outlook whether or not to use RTF for sending mail (see Microsoft's Knowledge Base Article 138053 for more). To this point, nothing new...

But, what I always thought was that the WINMAIL.DAT file only contained a formatted version of the e-mail, and only that. What I did not know was that WINMAIL.DAT could also contain attachments that were sent in the original e-mail. Question is: how to extract attachments contained within the DAT-file?

I googled for that and came up with an interesting (command-line) utility called WMDecode. WMDecode runs in a folder and extracts attachments from files that you drop in the same folder. Very handy!!

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